Thoughts on the Agile transformation

I remember a concern raised by a business school student in the class, she said that large, established, highly hierarchical organisations, such as banks, insurance companies, education sector and public sector in Australia would never go true agile.

I don't fully agree, but the greatest challenge is apparent - agile transformation is a cultural change that will head-on clash with established mental models and break mid & senior management jobs - if they choose not to adapt. 

As Peter of ING pointed out in the interview, the only success recipe is the combination of leadership and commitment. I may add another one, the vision and balls to make a step back from prosperous status quo in order to truely transform. 

I wish ANZ, NBN and other Aussie enterprises put the foot down and power on, so that Business Schools in Australia can start teaching agile transformation cases based on them instead of ING.  #agiletransformation #anz #nbn #ingagile #mckinsey

ING's Agile Transformation


Ken ZhangAgile, DevOpsComment